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Summer would be nothing without… a wood burning stove?!

Summer would be nothing without… a wood burning stove?!

That’s right, whilst a wood burning stove might evoke images of a cosy night in during the long, dark months of winter, they also make excellent additions for a trendy summer house at the bottom of the garden. So, when the summer nights feel a little chilly, you can still enjoy the garden without having to retreat to the house.

There are a lot of different summer houses on the market, so we’ve put together a handy little guide to help you match your summer house style to one of our stoves.


Eco Summer Houses

If the environment is hot on your agenda, then the Di Lusso R4 is the perfect match for your eco summer house. Combine sustainable materials with Hunter Stoves’ most environmentally-friendly burner to ensure that life in your outdoor space remains eco-friendly. The R4 comes in two freestanding style, the Euro and the Cube, so that eco living doesn’t have to mean compromising on taste.



Traditional Summer House 

Complement your traditional summer house with a stove from Hunter Stoves’ flagship range, the Herald. The traditional appearance adds character to your house, as well as enabling outdoor living for all seasons. All of the stoves in the Herald range are multifuel as standard and are available with a number of options, allowing you to fully customise your space.




Glass Summer House or Orangery

A glass summer house or orangery is the perfect way to bring the outdoors in. Panoramic glass allows a beautifully warm room on a summers day, whilst still feeling like you’re outside if the bad weather doesn’t quite hold off. If you’d like to continue to enjoy your garden views into the summer evenings or on a cooler day, add an atmospheric stove from the Parkray range. The glass fronted Aspect range compliments the minimalist theme and allows for hours of watching the beauty of a flickering flame.




The Curved Pod

Create the ultimate glamping experience by matching the futuristic look of the Stromstad to your glamping pod. The cylindrical body sits perfectly in your pod, leaving plenty of space for other amenities. These minimalist yet efficient stoves are the comfort essential for your night away from home.




Picture yourself in a cabin in complete serenity, miles from anywhere, deep in the forest? To create the true, cosy cabin experience, include a double-sided Avalon 4 for warmth and atmosphere. All you’ll need to add are marshmallows to toast and you’ll feel like you’ve been successfully transported to your woodland retreat from the comfort of your own back garden.




If modern, minimalist or industrial is your preferred style, then the perfect solution to your ‘outdoor living – in’ comes from Hunter Stoves’ Jetmaster range. There’s no need to compromise on clean lines and designer interiors, as these stoves up the temperature without the fuss. Jetmaster stoves are neatly inset into the walls of your chosen space, boasting a smooth finish and truly charming views of your fire. Select from a range of sizes to suit any outdoor room.



Garden Office or Gym

If you have the dream ‘she-shed’, outdoor spare room, office or even a personal yoga studio in your garden, you may not have the luxury of time to lay a wood burning stove each time you want to use it. The Hunter Gas Collection offers instant heat without compromising the look and feel of a freestanding log burner - perfect for those occasions. Choose from traditional or contemporary styles and log or coal visuals for a convenient way to warm this extension of your home.

Shepherd’s Huts

Outdoor living and tiny homes have become very popular this year. What better way to bring the luxury of your home to your outdoor space than a shepherd’s hut? Opt for a Nordstrand 5 from the Cleanburn range, in a porcelain enamel finish, and combine with muted colours and fresh fabrics to create the perfect summer getaway.


As you can see, there’s plenty to choose from when deciding on which wood burning stove will match your outdoor living dreams. To view our full range of stoves, click here.

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