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Lovenholm Accessories

All Accessories including Flue components and Conversion kits for the Lovneholm

See Door components for all parts of the door, Air Controls for top air components or see Multifuel internal parts and Wood Internal parts.

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Flue Collar Short 5"

Flue 5" collar
£24.00 excl tax

Flue Collar/Cover Fixing Pack

Flue Collar and Flue Cover fixing pack for all versions of collar and blanking plate
£2.67 excl tax

Flue Cover - 5"

Blanking plate for 5" flue
£9.00 excl tax

Flue Gasket - 5"

Gasket seal for 5" flue
£4.17 excl tax

Flue Gather Kit 5"

Vertical flue from the back of your stove
£100.00 excl tax

Glass Cleaner

Can of spray to help keep glass clean, to be used with a soft cloth (not included)
£12.00 excl tax

Multifuel Front Extension

For Multifuel Lovenholm and Norreskoven
£44.67 excl tax

Paint 236ml and Brush

Paint 236ml and Brush
£24.50 excl tax

Wood Conversion Kit - Single door

To convert Multifuel Lovenholm and Norreskoven stove to Wood only
£52.42 excl tax