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It's time to Spring clean!

It's time to Spring clean!

It’s officially Spring! The clocks have gone forward and it’s finally starting to feel like Summer is on the horizon, making it the perfect time to give your wood burning or multifuel stove a little Spring clean so that it’s ready for use when Autumn falls again. Not sure where to start? Fear not, as we’ve rounded up our top tips for servicing and cleaning your stove, flue and chimney …


Annual service

Your stove should undergo an annual service, once the winter period is over. This involves stripping and cleaning the stove thoroughly. You can arrange for a HETAS approved engineer to conduct this for you, or it is something you can do yourself - just follow this simple guide:


1. Wait until your stove is completely cool. Remove all the internal components: base brick, side bricks and brick baffle. Clean them with a soft brush and inspect them for damage. Any bricks that are broken need to be replaced.

2. Sweep the chimney/flue system if necessary (best to get a professional to do this if you’re unsure!).

3. Clean down the internal surfaces of the appliances using a scraper or wire brush.

4. Inspect these internal surfaces for damage/corrosion. If corrosion or damage is found, we advise that you consult with your installer about rectification/repair.

5. Brush out or vacuum the inside of the appliance and re-fit the internal components.

6. Inspect the door glass and gasket. Clean the glass with a non-abrasive cleaner if required. If the glass is cracked at all, it will need replacing. If the gasket is torn or damaged, we recommend that it is replaced to ensure that no products of combustion enter the room when the appliance is used.

7. Clean the stove body with a dry microfibre cloth. At no point should any water-based or other cleaning products be used on your stove.


For genuine Hunter spares, contact your dealer or visit our website.


Maintaining your chimney

Your stove has probably been working hard over the winter period, particularly in the last few weeks with the Beast from the East and its plummeting temperatures. But, as the mercury finally begins rising and you start to use your stove less and less, it’s a great opportunity to arrange for your chimney to be swept. This is essential for helping to prevent chimney fires, the majority of which are caused by poor chimney maintenance and blocked chimneys from soot or bird nests.

This is a professional job, so we recommend not trying this one yourself, but getting in touch with one of the many knowledgeable professionals who will be able to get your chimney and flue back to tip-top condition. You can use the following websites to find a certified chimney sweep:


For further information on your stove and the best way to look after it, visit our helpful ‘How to’ pages on our website or check out the handy videos on our YouTube channel.

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