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Internal parts for Herald 6 D/S Wood model

All Internal parts below are for a wood version of this stove.

See Door components for all parts of the door, Air Controls for secondary air components, Accessories for flue parts and optional extra's or Internal parts for Multifuel model.

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Baffle for Herald 6 Double sided Single Depth

Baffle - Herald 6 Double/Single CE

Steel Only Baffle, Herald 6 Double/Single CE
£55.17 excl tax

Log & Catch Bar

Catch Bar for Single door and old double door stove, wood only model, MKII and CE
£30.67 excl tax

Log & Catch Bar - Double Door

Catch Bar for Double door stove, wood only model
£30.67 excl tax

Side Brick

Side brick for Multifuel and Wood model CE
£11.08 excl tax

Side Plate

Left and Right hand side plate for CEVII model
£31.42 excl tax

Turbo Bar

Tertiary Air bar for CE and CEvII model Double Sided Single Depth
£30.67 excl tax

Turbo Bar Pin

Tertiary Air bar locating pin for Double Sided model
£5.42 excl tax