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The high efficiency rates of our multi-fuel stoves allow you to make the most of a variety of solid fuels. Regardless of what fuel you choose to use, our stoves’ complete combustion systems allow you to maximize heat, while minimizing emissions, this protects the environment, and increases stove performance.  The clean combustion of our stoves adds to their life expectancy and decreases fuel usage making our multi-fuel stoves high performance heating appliances that are built to last.

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Lovenholm European

With credentials that meet Europe's strictest Eco-Standards,...

Lovenholm Traditional

The Løvenholm traditional is a beautifully designed Scandinavian-style...

Norreskoven European

Elegantly slender with sleek stainless steel fixtures,...

Norreskoven Traditional

The Nørreskoven Traditional unites classic, traditional...

Skagen 5

Matching sophisticated design with the highest levels of...

Skagen 6

Adaptable and intuitive with an innovative airflow panel,...

Stromstad Atta

Where attention to detail, design and performance meet...

Stromstad Sju

Offers easy to use controls and is highly responsive to heat output adjustment