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Clearskies - The UK's New Wood Stove Eco Mark

Clearskies - The UK's New Wood Stove Eco Mark

 After three years in the making, clearSkies, a new independent, UK wide, wood burning stove certification scheme, has just recently been launched to the public.

ClearSkies was conceived by the SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) to protect UK air quality and is an emissions and energy performance certification mark.  ClearSkies is composed of a board of industry professionals and academics that specialise in bioenergy and air quality.



Hunter Stoves is delighted to announce its support for clearSkies, a scheme that is a driving force for even better eco-wood stoves. We believe that the future of wood stoves lies in ever-cleaner and more efficient appliances; and clearSkies stands for just that.

The scheme is run by a national testing and certification centre (KIWA UK) and is intended to become a clear mark of eco-friendly quality, allowing for quick identification of a product’s performance levels.

The clearSkies Chair, Morley Sage, had this to say about the scheme, “clearSkies is the only single comprehensive label covering everything the consumer needs to know about a stove or fireplace in terms of Ecodesign compliance and the ability to be able to use the appliance in smoke control zones. The clearSkies label also makes it easier for consumers to distinguish lower emission, higher efficiency appliances by having differing levels of certification from level 2 to level 5.”

Several Hunter stoves log burners have already been certified by the scheme and are all clearSkies level 5 approved – making them some of the cleanest and most efficient wood stoves on the market. You can explore the different performance levels and their meaning here -

Clearskies performance levels


Clearskies certified products produce up to 90% less emissions than a traditional open fire and up to 80% less emissions than an average 10-year-old stove.


Improving Air Quality

With the intent of boosting the development of even cleaner appliances, the clearSkies scheme runs a stringent certification process that analysis multiple performance layers for each individual stove certified under its mark. From minimum energy efficiency requirements, to four different types of maximum emission levels, the scheme ensures that the appliances that carry their logo meet the industry’s highest performance standards.

A spokesperson for Defra, the Department for Environmental, Food & Rural Affairs expressed their approval of the initiative, “We welcome this launch of the clearSkies scheme, initiated by the Stove Industry Alliance. It is right that consumers are able to make informed choices about how to reduce emissions. We also support industry as it works to bring cleaner and more efficient technologies into our homes.” 


Future proofing 

As of the 1st of January 2020 Ecodesign regulations come into effect across Europe and the UK, ensuring that only advanced, low emission stoves can be manufactured. ClearSkies grading levels go quite a bit further than these regulations, setting the bar higher for manufacturers, and in turn, helping current and future wood stoves users purchase the best possible products.  

ClearSkies has become the one stop mark for an environmental product rating, pushing the wood stove industry as a whole to improve their products and giving buyers a clear and comprehensive performance indicator.


The Aspect 5 is a clearskies level 5 product


At Hunter we are always pushing forward in the development of better stove technologies and we’re grateful that clearskies has given us a medium to showcase our stove’s performances.


You can find more information here -


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