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Clearing the air: Supporting the government's clean air strategy

Clearing the air: Supporting the government's clean air strategy

This week, the government announced plans to regulate wood-burning stoves as part of its wider clean air strategy. We at Hunter Stoves are keen to make consumers aware that not all wood-burning stoves are equally pollutant. If run with high quality recommended fuels, and if regularly maintained, a modern wood stove is a low-emission, carbon neutral form of heating.

Indeed, the majority of stoves manufactured by Hunter Stoves are DEFRA approved for use in smoke-controlled areas. Through the company’s partnership with the University of Exeter, and our commitment to the research and development of eco-friendly stoves, we have created, among other innovative combustion solutions, the now patented Flame Blade technology which allows for a hyper-efficient secondary burn of harmful gases and pollutants. The Flame Blade technology is seen by those in the stove industry as a significant step in tackling particulate emissions and producing green heating solutions.

Paul Grimes, Managing Director at Hunter Stoves, commented,

‘As a company, we’re very active in supporting environmental causes and are passionate about manufacturing green energy for the 21st Century. The majority of our stoves are DEFRA approved and we’re also working towards Ecodesign Standards way ahead of the 2022 deadline. We strongly support the government’s stance on air pollution, but we want consumers to know that it is possible to enjoy wood-burning stoves without the detrimental impact on the environment that some cause’.

To highlight the positive impact of our research and development into eco-friendly stoves, an infographic has been created comparing a typical 2008 wood-burning stove with a modern 2018 Hunter Stoves wood-burner:

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