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Cleanburn Brand Profile


Officially launched in 2004 our Cleanburn ranges of stoves was founded by combining the cool, minimalist Scandinavian style with some of our most advanced Tripleburn technology. The best of Norwegian and Swedish style inspired the clean-lined, neat and modern looking stoves within the range. Underneath the sleek exterior there is user-friendly technology that’s high performance produces a huge heat output and exceptionally low emissions.

In Scandinavian countries, such as Norway and Sweden, the wood burning or multi fuel stove is an integral and central element to every home. The humble stove therefore not only became a functional piece but also an aesthetic one, that could help define the look and style of a space. Furthermore, the result of having some of the most stringent emission laws in the world that is notoriously hard to meet, has meant that the standard of stove technology is remarkably high. Here, at the Hunter Stoves Group our engineers saw these standards as a challenge that they wanted rise to, thus the birth of the Cleanburn range.

The range launched with the CB5 and CB7 which were then superseded by the famed Løvenholm and Norreskoven which were later joined by the Sondersokven and Skagen. The Løvenholm is one of our best sellers, not only within the Cleanburn range but across all of our brands. It’s easy to understand why, the subtly elegant design makes it fitting for almost any home, and not to mention the easy handle to adjust the airflow allows it to be user-friendly. The Tripleburn technology means the nominal heat output is 4.6kw with a huge 75% efficiency. The exceptional design of the Løvenholm makes it one of only a few stoves in Britain to pass the Norwegian standard of testing, which is known to be one the most stringent in the world. Both the Norreskoven and Sondersokven offer many of the same features as the Løvenholm but in larger designs that would be more appropriate for larger family-sized spaces. Moreover, the Skagen mirrors the sophisticated design and high levels of efficiency that characterise the collection whilst also including a built-in dynamic control cassette that easily allows the temperature of the stove to be controlled.

The newest edition to the Cleanburn brand is the Stromstad 5 that was launched earlier this month. The beautifully sleek, curved design of the stove moves the collection towards a more modern look whilst still maintaining the powerful interior which includes our Tripleburn technology. The effortless appearance of the design is matched by the ease in which it can be controlled by subtle sliders on the front of the stove using an operating tool.

As stoves are put under increasing amounts of pressure to be economic, efficient and release low emissions, here at the Hunter Stoves Group we are confident that the Cleanburn brand can withstand the scrutiny. The brand represents the future of stove design, demonstrating the greater amount of research and development required to produce technology that allows the stove to stay as a central feature in your home whilst remaining environmentally viable.

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